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"Extreme Edge" Strategy - Low Risk and Stable for Copying.

Extreme Edge Strategy

This strategy is simple one, but one of the most effective ones I know. I will explain the strategy in full in another post. When you learn the concepts of it, you should find profiting in trending markets to be far easier. When markets form in trending patterns, this is an extremely successful strategy.

The strategy may or may not trade a lot. It all depends on if the market fills specific levels where I consider there to be an “extreme edge” (literally, I think it is the best trade available on the market that happens often enough to build ongoing strategies around).

In ranging markets the default strategy does not work well, because it is designed for trend trading. However, in ranging markets trades will be generated from a slight adaptation, but the same entry principles.

The strategy will work best on ECN brokers. For optimum results, it has a few requirements. Including tight spreads, good execution and ability to trail stops with no limitations. I am using IC Markets. You should be using a broker of similar quality.

For people who have to use brokers sub-par to IC Markets (for whatever reason), I will concurrently run a version of the strategy on higher time-frames. To get only these trades, set the copy trader to filter out trades with stop losses under 15 pips

Money Management:

This master account will trade only positions of 0.01. You can use your copy traders settings to select the lot size you want to use. It will trade a maximum of 4 positions. You can reduce risk by trading less positions using copy trader settings.

You should account for losing at least 250 pips per 0.01. This is around $25 (a bit less on some pairs). So if you are using *4 0.01, you should account for it being probable at some point $100 losing streak can be hit. Set your risk according to what you can lose, and if that is under $25; do not do this!

You can set your maximum loss using the copy trader, but if it will work out to be under 250 pips per 0.01, you are probably better scaling down risk. 250 pips is 10 - 25 losing trades in a row, which should be rare but can happen.

Make sure you set up (and test) that you are using the right settings. The right fixed lot size and the right number of trades. The trading on my account will assume you have these risk caps in place and aim to be profitable on such parameters


Leverage and margin requirements:

The max risk version can be copied on 1:50 leverage with an account balance of $200.

Extra Notes:

. This strategy will always use pending orders. So it can be used as somewhat of a signals service as well as copying.

One thing I hope following this strategy can help people with is it showing them points where you are probably losing money (n00b mistakes) and how there can be a better trade on the other side.

This should become more clear upon reading the full strategy description, to be posted soon.

If copying, please do remember to take the time to test the copier settings and ensure they work properly.


Login Details
Platform: IC Markets MT4
MT4#:: 10333388
Investor Password: u/inweedwetrust

If linking any accounts, please send me details of Myfxbook/FX Blue so I can check results and make sure it runs properly.


Edit: Strategy description.
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